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About Tia

Why I know I can help

  • I am a Certified Personal Trainer of Eight years

  • I am an online and in person Nutrition Coach certified by the highly recognized National Academy of Metabolic Sciences.

  • I am a certified Nutrition Coach for Sports & physique transformation 

  • I am also proud to acknowledge I have been granted the opportunity to co coach athletes to stage under the highly respectable Leo King of Kings Fitness located here in SE Calgary.

I have worked with a number of individuals from injuries, chronic pain, weight loss and for anyone interested in the science behind building muscle especially that posterior chain. Ladies *wink *wink !!

I am extremely charismatic with a bit of a goofy side however don't let that fool you into thinking I don't have a tough side.

I equate to the focus and dedication that I see a client is willing to bring.  I believe in everyone I coach, but question is  can you believe in yourself?

If you have or have had a goal in mind, or are currently working towards a fitness endeavour reach out and set up a consultation because I would love to help.

Consultations are free and take anywhere from an hour  to hour and a half.  My goal is to learn about you, with an intake form prior to our first meet allows me to set you up with nutrition details, a macro profile and a program of your own that we build right there in person for you.  Individuals have the choice for one-on-one personal training or self accountability with guidance on online coaching

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